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Document Collaboration


Document Collaboration

Module : Document-Centric Collaboration

Help multiple people (your organization and customers) work together on a single document to achieve a single final version.


No more wasting time emailing individual files and tracking the latest versions of the documents.




For Your Business

  • Your customers can use PC/Mobile browser to upload new documents to your system, edit or read documents shared and authorized by you. Make document comments more interactively, enabling faster speed of documents delivery as well as improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Reduce workaround for sharing and collaboration on large files. No wasting time of emailing individual files and tracking the latest versions.

  • Employee across multiple locations can collaborate as if they were in the same room.

  • Full auditability of files and documents shared within and outside the business organization.

  • Share folders with read/write permissions control. File version control and recovery.




  • Sharing files privately and publicly, and instant distribution of documents to the public.

  • Documents with auto-versioning and historical comments made for better recovery selection. All deleted files and folders are recoverable.

  • User roles and groups assignment, space allocation, read/write control. Files with lock control of check-in and check-out for multi-user access.

  • User-definable keywords and flags be flexibly established in organized ways for custom search.

  • User activities log on files change, uploads, downloads, opening files, making comments, and others.

  • Counter on file indicates number of comments made.

  • Reminder list and multiple alarms for events with completion status.

  • Secure channel for your customers to access authorized data to achieve better customer relationship.

  • Multi-languages switching.

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