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Data Synchronization and Backup


Module : File Synchronization

No need to setup expensive cross-file replication systems for your business. Enable various backup scenarios and plans suitable for different user groups in your organization.


Keep data consistent and harmonized on different systems with capability of single and bi-directional data-sync settings for any data folder paths. Files can be backed up silently as soon as content changed. File version control allows you to store multiple backups of any file.



For Your Business

  • No need to set up expensive cross-site file replication systems.

  • Bi-directional and uni-directional data-sync capability enables files to be replicated across offices and across diverse storage systems for cross-office file sharing and data redundancy.

  • Any folders can be selected to sync.

  • Version control and recovery.

  • Any files you change or add to the folders already sync-assigned will be auto synced.

  • Allows editing offline and the system automatically syncs the changes when online is available again.




  • Data-sync and backup in background mode.

  • All folder paths and files are selectable for data-sync.

  • Bi-directional or uni-directional data-sync across computers.

  • Documents with auto-versioning and historical comments made for better recovery selection. All deleted files and folders are recoverable

  • Multi-languages switching.

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