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Clients and Projects

Following the growth of our business over 13 years, we have established long-term relationship with our clients. We've delivered numerous successful implementations of mission-critical systems throughout the design and development work. Below are some of our clients and project cases implemented.

Load-balancing and Database Replication System

The work was to design and develop applications to stabilize the Web Server systems for one leading media service provider, by introducing the load balancers to help enhance the existing web application servers in scalability as well as to prevent service outages, and even provided continue web services if one server down. Due to the nature of load balancing, in many cases it was possible to also perform upgrades on servers without the customer being impacted. Application was also developed to fulfill the Database replication mechanism.


Website Revamp and Content Management System

The work was to re-design and develop appropriate management applications for the entire website involving also the applications already embedded in the existing system. The system was designed with workflow and publishing mechanism fitting for the client and end-user environment. There were over 3,500 web pages for the website. High Availability was also implemented. Summary of major functions:

  • Web Content Update Alert Service

  • News Ticker/Pop-up windows / Banner

  • Participant Enquiry Function

  • News Release Function

  • Enhanced Content Search

  • Online Translation of Simplified Chinese


E-Commerce and Online Ordering System

The work was to develop an e-commerce website with the integration of several payment gateways including PayPal and ePaylink. The website allowed end users to purchase, via downloading mechanism and payment gateways, directly from the website any available music and associated video products. There was also a Web Content Management system already developed for the website to allow the client to easily create and manage authorized staff to post and upload the required information onto the website without technical knowledge.

Tour and Ticket Management System

This system provided services for the company spanning from the front line staff creating the booking and backend office for handling the bookings. There were a total of 250 users using the system simultaneously. Over 50 different reports were produced from the system. There were vast capabilities like the parsing of the PNR (Passenger Name Records) files from the GDS (Global Distribution System like Abacus, Amadeus and Galileo) vendors into internal bookings, the month end reconciliation of those records with the reports from IATA. The system would serve the following major business operation handling: Accounts, Visa, Operations, Incentive Tour, Hotel and Package, Commercial Ticketing, Agency Ticketing, Human Resources for Touring, Global Distributed System.


Properties Lease Management System

The Properties Lease Management System was to manage the tenant information, individual lease, as well as the billing for the properties. The system covered modules of System Administration, Tenant Management, Lease Management, Tenant Requisition Capturing, Billing Management, Budgeting, Air Conditioning Application and Management, Building Database Management and Inspection Record Management.


Properties Electricty Auto-meter Reading (via GPRS) System

The work was to develop for an electricity provider an auto-reading system on electrical meters so as to replace the traditional manual work of seeing and taking those meters. With the system, there were possibilities of taking meter readings by wishes/schedules which facilitated a better statistical data collection in order to improve the service performance for end users and also usage prediction required by the electriciity provider.  The system addressed the architecture, network, database, programming and interfacing related directly to building data collection system, enabling IT and Billing groups of the electrical authority to further process the collected data.


Aircraft Line Maintenance System

The work was to re-design and re-develop the existing system of an industry-leading aircraft maintenance company in Hong Kong. The system was mainly composed of the 4 major sub-systems including the need of following the company’s already-built standard framework. The new system was required to enrich it according to the new system’s need. Huge system volume, quick system response time and flexible graphical user interface were also the major research components during the design and development for the project.


Container and Terminal Monitoring System

The system was developed for container terminal management in order to facilitate daily management of terminal activities. This System provided an intuitive graphical interface using the Object Oriented Technologies, Java and JView, to present major operational information for monitoring the daily activities of yard stacking, equipment, internal tractors, external tractors and vessels inside a Container Terminal at New Territories West. The system was designed to support display of information for 50,000 containers and handling near ten million data records per database lookup, such that system performance optimization of handling huge volume of data is required. Container Information was presented in seveal views with different level of details. Each view could highlight the details with different colors in four different scenes according to user's specified criteria.


Management Information System

The system was a tailor-made Management Information System for child-care organization. It was a kind of office automation system for gathering and entering the information necessary for on-going business operation, planning, monitoring and systematic evaluation of services for children with special needs and their parents. And, the System enhanced the client's operational efficiency, quality and responsiveness of client's services, by easily obtaining the captured data for evaluation and analysis, and for the generation of statistical reports for service planning, monitoring and evaluation purposes.


Flight Ticketing Systems

The systems required design and development work for a leading global travel information (such as air tickets) provider, for the provision of ticketing information flow between the mainframe system locating in USA Denver and the web terminals of travel agents around the world. The solutions contained web development functions such as web portal of company information, news and announcement, document directory and integrated legacy system (i.e. Focal Point). The solutions could enhance the communications between different offices, personnel and clients. The system development work included integrating a document generation methodology to the web portal's document directory and providing access service of traditional application from web-based with the technology of Citrix. At the client side, end-users could use any web browser to access the Citrix Web Portal System regardless of what platform they were using. Moreover, the language of the web portal system would be in English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, including the menus, and interface.


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