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DataPoint Module : Applications Software

Enable users to create business applications software. Support native C programming for advance users to create sophisticated applications.


In addition to the tradition of data import/export, an advanced Import/Export tool also allows data structures of any application created to be aggregated and exported as a single file ready for importing to any DataPoint platform. This enables backup and sharing of any application data structures.



For Your Business

  • Store and maintain your structured business data centrally.

  • Create any business data applications.

  • Build data applications.

  • Reminder list per event.

  • Historical records keep track of your business activities.

  • Records of different application database tables can be linked with each other, allowing users to setup more efficient relational records.

  • Applications created are runnable.


  • Allow customizable report creation, and flexible data query.

  • Free to write notes and locate them over each photo and the contents are fully searchable.

  • Aggregate notes, photos, videos, voice memos, and documents in a single page record.

  • Allow defining datatype, lookup, list of values and data relationships on business data structure.

  • Choice of integration with email, dialer, http link, Google Map.

  • Support multi-users and record sharing privilege.

  • eBulletin Board to share selected records for different user groups in the organization.

  • Import and export data in Excel format.

  • Advanced Import/Export tool auto-aggregates data structures of any DataPoint application into a single file and make it ready for copying to any DataPoint platform.

  • Fleixble advanced development tool enables technical users to build further complex data applications.

  • Multi-languages switching.

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