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DataPoint - Sample Applications   Created by DataPoint

All applications software designed are supported by the following DataPoint functions:

  • Bulletin Board for Info Sharing

  • Data Import and Export

  • PC and Mobile Access

  • Multiple Alarms per Event and Sharing

  • User-Definable Search Engine

  • Relational Data Connectivity

  • Versioning and Recovery

  • Multiple Languages

  • Users/Groups Access Control

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view of each Sample Design


Tutorial Business Management


  • Manage income, expenses, staffing, students and schedules

  • Staff (profiles, related photos, payments, terms, etc.)

  • Students (profiles, subjects registration test, subjects taken, levels and status, level-up tests and dates, progress remarks given by tutors).

  • Data-export enables you to further manipulate data calculations.

Clients and Cases Tracking System


  • The system improves clients and cases tracking so you can spend more time building better and stronger client relationship.

  • Alerts and scheduling for the provision of special needs of cases.

  • Provide a 360 view of clients, which includes individual histories, key contacts and better understanding of clients or cases, and make better monitoring, and systematic evaluation of services.

Site Renovation Progress Monitoring


  • Site staff or workers take photos and mark notes on those, and office can have realtime updates on what remotely captured and written, and then distribute to other relevant parties efficiently.

  • Background information, work details and completion status are easily identified and retrieved.

  • PC and Mobile work seamlessly with same application built.

Property Tenancy Management


  • Modules of administration, management of leases, tenants and building units.

  • Historical database records and also the cross relationships of tenants, leasing terms, and building units.

  • Buildings and units database and the inspection management.

  • Alerts and scheduling for matters of tenancy and premises.

Data Centre -
Tenancy and Equipment Management


  • Main management modules: sales, tenants, leasing terms, network equipment and structure, bandwidths, rack units and spaces arrangement, current available services and their details.

  • Historical records and their cross relationships to identify for further business opportunities and improve current services.

  • Alerts and scheduling for matters of tenancy and data centre.

Property Defect Inspection Management


  • Data is real-time updated between handhelds (mobiles) and master database which is accessible by main/sub offices.

  • Flexibly setup pre-defined defect remarks for site workmen to appropriately select as inputs on handheld.

  • User friendliness in attaching images defect records with searchable and removable notes be free-located on images.

Agency - Property
Sell, Buy and Lease
  • Property agency tool for business of (sell, buy and lease).

  • Efficient sorting of property nature (furnished or not, view types, environment, owner, tenant, location, pricing range, etc.)

  • Cross-relational data enables business to easily identify whether a property owner (or tenant) is also a potential buyer and/or tenant for other property units.

Medical Consultancy Record System


  • Efficient retrieval of patient historical records such as basic info, medical consultation, prescriptions and treatments.

  • Abundant Chinese medicinal materials with images for reference can be stored and retrieved easily for medical treatments.

  • The relational data connectivity of those can improve quality of the consultation services and make it more patient-centric.

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