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Data Management


Data Management

Module : Sales and Customer Management

The Easy-to-use and built-in Request/Approval workflow function allows you to build and customize your changing workflow requirements for daily operation need. There is no need to hire technical professional to write workflow applications.


Aggregate and remember all data including images, voice memos, hand-writings and related documents. Flexibly structure and import massive data to your own-created data applications for further analysis and decision-making.



For Your Business

  • Empower your business and remember everything by taking notes and capturing whatever information you collect including images, videos, links, voice recordings and related documents, and aggregate them into a single page record for efficient data management.

  • All data are database-centric organized, and search engine is highly definable for your use.

  • Your business data are accessible to your company’s administrator but not to other employee unless permissions granted.

  • Anyone can contribute data to the shared database, and they can continue to collaborate after the business meeting is over.




  • Data being managed are accessible by PC and Mobile.

  • Allow customizable report creation, and flexible data query.

  • Write notes and free to locate them over each photo and the contents are fully searchable.

  • Aggregate notes, photos, videos, voice memos, and documents into a single page record.

  • Allow defining datatype, lookup, list of values and data relationships on business data structure.

  • Choice of integration with email, dialer, http link, Google Map.

  • Support multi-users and record sharing privilege.

  • eBulletin Board to share selected records for different user groups in the organization.

  • Reminder list and multiple alarms for events with completion status.

  • Import and export data in Excel format.

  • Fleixble advanced development tool enables technical users to build further complex data analysis.

  • Multi-languages switching.


Data Management
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