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DataPoint system to build any number of applications and manage data

DataPoint, a system to aggregate data and rebuild to optimize your business operations and analysis

DataPoint, a system of data aggregator to optimize your business operations and analysis, is a software for users to build applications and efficiently manage data with comprehensive product functions. The software comprises a great range of utilities and functional modules such as single and bi-directional File Synchronization, Document Management, Document-Centric Collaboration and Applications Software.


Examples of business applications deployed by DataPoint:

  • Rental Properties - Tenancy and stock management, revenues and expenses forecast/budgets and turnover rent calculations.

  • Hotel or Service Apartment - Service rooms stock status and defect inspection reported with searchable text writing photos.

  • Data Centre - Equipment allocation and maps, sales performance and commission, tenancy status, and revenue projections.

  • Medical Consultancy Record Management - Patients, prescription in details with photos and searchable categorized content.

  • Tutorial Business - Offices/students/staff/courses/revenue/expense analysis and management.

  • Project Cases and Clients Tracking - Schedules, alerts, data retrieval and analysis.

  • Site Progress Monitoring - Take photo snapshots embedded with searchable notes, transfer and report to the central for instant monitoring.

  • Staff Leaves and Activities Application - Enable staff to apply leaves or specific activities with approval flow control.

  • IP Rights and Patent Business - Delegation of data systems with specific criteria assigned to different user groups and offices located overseas while data integrity is still centrally auto-maintained.

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